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Sewing Classes

Do I Need To Know anything about sewing to take a class?

No! We can teach anyone to sew. The classes are designed for any skill level; we’re all here to learn and have fun. Some classes do require that you take the Beginner Workshop as a prerequisite so that you already know how to operate a sewing machine before coming to class. Other classes have the beginner workshop included as the experience. Reach out if you have any questions.

Why do I need to take the beginner workshop before I start a semester?

When we start a semester, we assume you already know how to thread and use a sewing machine. Therefore, we don't build in instruction time for learning to use a machine—we start on our projects right away. We want everyone to start at the same level so we can get those fabulous projects finished! We make sure to offer the Beginner Workshop before every semester begins.

What is the difference between the beginner workshop and the other one-day workshops?

The Beginner Workshop is designed for students who want to leave fully confident that they can operate a sewing machine independently. We focus on the parts of the machine, how to thread a machine, how to wind and load a bobbin, how to sew a straight seam allowance and how to backstitch. The one-day workshops teach students how to operate a machine and sew a straight seam allowance but do not teach how to thread a machine or how to wind and load a bobbin. These workshops are designed for students who want to try out sewing or just want to participate in a fun activity!

Do I need my own machine to attend a class?

No! Our studio has 16 brand new machines that are perfect for learning to sew. We want to provide a space to try out sewing before investing in a sewing machine. Even if you have your own sewing machine, you will be able to use our machines for class.

I have a sewing machine. Can I bring it to class?

If you have a machine in good working order and already know how to use it, then feel free to bring it to class. Participants in the Beginner Workshop will have to use the studio machines. If you have any questions, reach out to me before the class begins at

I am plus-size. Will you be teaching size-inclusive classes?

Yes, without a doubt. All of my semesters are designed with size-inclusivity in mind. Where possible, I use a pattern that has a broad range of sizes. In the event that a pattern has a limited size range, I look for a comparable pattern in extended size ranges. I started sewing because I couldn't find ready-to-wear clothing that fit my body and reflected my style. I want everyone to feel the confidence that comes from making clothing just for you.

What is the biggest group you can accommodate?

Currently, we can accommodate 16 students at a time for any private event.

Can Children attend your classes?

Our program is designed for three age groups: Adults (18+), Teens (Grades 7-12) and Kids (Grades 2-6). At this time we can’t accommodate younger than second grade, but if you are interested let us know! If we have enough demand for this age group, we’ll see what we can do.

Can my child really learn to sew?

Absolutely! I taught both of my sons to sew when they were 5. Usually, students who have made it to second grade can operate the machine and follow the steps to complete a project.

Do you teach quilting classes?

I do not teach quilting. My specialty is fashion and garment sewing. However, there are some fabulous studios teaching quilt sewing classes in Louisville!


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